Akili Digital Working With Roblox To Bring Therapeutic Treatments For ADHD To Kids

On May 26th, the digital health company Akili Interactive announced that it had joined forces with Roblox to bring the organization’s gamified therapy treatments for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to the world-famous children’s gaming platform. This deal aims to provide children with access to digital therapy treatments in “their favorite virtual worlds.”

“Roblox brings together tens of millions of people every day to connect, create, and express themselves, and we’re proud to be working with Akili to leverage that passion and enjoyment in connection with their first-in-class digital treatment,” said Craig Donato, the Chief Business Officer of Roblox. “Akili has captured our imagination with its prescription treatment for children with ADHD delivered through an action video game experience and shares our vision and enthusiasm for what’s possible through interactive, digital experiences. We’re proud to help them as they lead the effort to realize new potential in the field of medicine.”

Akili’s EndeavorRx treatment is the first digital therapeutic treatment (DTx) for ADHD to be approved by both the United States Food and Drug Association as well as the European Medicines Agency. The program targets and activates neural systems in ADHD children by presenting sensory stimulation and motor challenges that help improve cognitive functioning. This program is often used with other types of treatments like medications or clinically-directed therapy sessions.

This is a huge opportunity for Akili Interactive, which was first founded in 2006. Joining forces with Roblox will provide the company with access to a daily user base consisting of more than 43 million people.

(All information was provided by Akili Interactive, Backlinko, and pharmaphorum)

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