Why Are Strategy Games So Profitable?

According to recent research, the gaming industry is worth roughly $200 billion. This means that there has been a growth of 8% since 2021, signifying that the popularity of gaming (despite already being at an all-time high) is only increasing even more. The variety of genres of games contributes massively to this growth as there is something out there for everyone. One genre that continues to see consistent popularity is the world of strategy games, making it one of the more profitable game genres.

Their Presence On Mobiles And Subsequent Convenience

The convenience that comes with mobile gaming is something that can be seen across the industry as a whole. Even games that have always been considered as being played in person are now very popular online. One of the leaders of this movement was the casino industry, as even though gambling has always been popular, it was traditionally done in actual casinos. Now, if you log onto an online casino in Canada you can play from your location, without having to travel to a physical venue. Moreover, you’ll have access to hundreds of titles under different themes, from slots like Wild Fireworks to table games and video poker. The convenience of playing these games online is something that appeals to gamblers everywhere and is now mainstream. 

In that sense, strategy games follow in the casino industry’s footsteps. Strategy games have always been known for their size and being rich in volume, and, as such, they were always considered something that would stay in the lane of console gaming. This is no longer the case though as a lot of different strategy games such as Clash Royale, Plague INC, and Clash of Clans are all available on mobile phones, immensely popular, and come with a convenience that appeals to gamers everywhere.  

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More Immersive Than Other Genres 

There are a number of reasons why different people play different games. But, without a doubt, one of the most popular reasons has to be the escapism that comes with them. It’s easy to switch off from the outside world when you immerse yourself in one shrouded in fantasy and fiction. Thanks to the methodical approach that comes with strategy games, not to mention the large scale of these games, that need for escapism can be met more than in other genres. The environment that tends to surround a lot of strategy games is incredibly immersive as you begin to learn about the different areas of worlds and understand better how to navigate them.

You Think But Aren’t Overwhelmed 

Generally speaking, strategy games come with enough detail and lore that you are able to think about the decisions you make; however, the game mechanics and design are kept simple enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed by this information. The balance of the two is perfect as gamers are given the chance to truly get lost in a world but then getting this lost is also incredibly accessible and easy. This is a large selling point when it comes to convincing new players to give strategy games a try. 

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The Beauty Of Strategy Games

Due to the growth of the gaming industry, most subsequent genres also see an equal level of growth. That being said, there is no getting away from the fact that strategy games are consistently getting more and more popular and therefore, more and more profitable. There are a number of reasons for this but some of the most prominent are listed above.

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