About Us

The Business of Esports team brings together a group of people who are all passionate about gaming, but also understand the business behind it.

Paul “the Profit” Dawalibi

IMG_1380Paul Dawalibi is currently the CEO of Holodeck Ventures. In his role at Holodeck, he’s building the world’s best holding company and incubator focused exclusively on the esports/gaming opportunity. It is the cornerstone of a broad thesis on the rise of esports, which is his current investment focus at Obsidian Ventures.  Paul has been blogging and speaking about the gaming space since 2010, where his role as a partner at venture fund Garage Ventures allowed him to follow the industry closely. As an investor, operator and entrepreneur, Paul has invested across the technology spectrum over the last decade, founded and built companies, and always been ahead of the trends.

He is an accomplished speaker, writer and is never afraid to speak his mind. With the launch of this blog and podcast, Paul is focused on helping people to understand the massive esports opportunity.

Paul is an MIT MBA, avid gamer, race car driver, and lover of all things tech/startup.