Business of Esports – Daily News #301

In today’s esports business news: Riot adds in-game sponsor banners, BlizzCon is canceled with no digital replacement, LG launches a dedicated esports channel, Formula E driver cheats with esports ringer, PS5 performance is beaten by a decent gaming PC, Intel acquires Killer, and so much more!

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2 comments on “Business of Esports – Daily News #301

  1. Luke Gonzales

    Thanks for the info, loving the podcast!
    Quick question: I have 5k and a mobile game idea and base design, where would you recommend I hire game devs to help with something like that?

    • Luke, thanks for the kind words and for being a listener!

      With a small budget like that, it’s almost certain you will have to outsource development overseas. That brings its own set of challenges but I would start your search with developers in India and Eastern Europe.

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