Episode #99: Amazon Luna, Microsoft-Sega Deal, Hideo Kojima

In this episode, we discuss Amazon revealing their new cloud gaming service, the persistent rumor that Microsoft is going to acquire Sega, art vs fun in game design, and so much more!

2 comments on “Episode #99: Amazon Luna, Microsoft-Sega Deal, Hideo Kojima

  1. Daniel Ward

    Enjoyed the thoughts on Death Stranding, however Firefly is an awesome show! Now onto important matters, the announcement of Amazon Luna is HUGE for the gaming world. Amazon is by far the biggest ecommerce site that is out there. Amazon provides multiple different service as well as Prime Gaming that provides deals for games. Amazon’s ownership of Twitch just increases the likely hood that Luna will be a success. The price at being just $6 a month is a price that will compete on both ends. Xbox Game Pass and Apple Arcade could see a shift to Amazon Luna depending on the games that Amazon has access to on there.

  2. Steven Tomas

    Amazon’s Luna adds another competitor for cloud gaming and the price is very reasonable. With the right games I think that It can compete well against Apple Arcade and other cloud brands. As for Microsoft and Sega, I think they shouldn’t buy it. Unless Microsoft really want to get that Japanese market Sega is not as popular anymore as in the past. Sonic being the main part has fallen off and the last sonic game I played was very poor. There also has not been a rise in Sega games over the years and I think Microsoft may not benefit at all unless it’s directly toward the Japanese market. It will be a nice thing to own sonic but other than that, unless they can create an enjoyable game for everyone, I don’t see it as a huge benefit for Microsoft.

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