Episode #103: Esports Entertainment Group, Future of Esports Betting & Casinos, Tencent $100M Deal

In this episode with special guests Jeff Cohen (VP Strategy & IR, Esports Entertainment Group) and Grant Johnson (CEO, Esports Entertainment Group), we discuss one of the most important public transactions in esports of the entire year and what it means for the future of esports, casinos, esports betting, and esports entertainment, Esports Entertainment Group acquiring Helix Esports, ggCircuit and Genji Analytics, esports betting overtaking traditional sports betting, esports replacing slot machines in casinos, Tencent leading a $100M investment into Chinese esports company VSPN, and so much more!

2 comments on “Episode #103: Esports Entertainment Group, Future of Esports Betting & Casinos, Tencent $100M Deal

  1. Daniel Ward

    This deal has me really excited to see what comes next for EEG. I have been to the Helix Esports location in NJ and fell in love. Going there multiple times and competing in a few of their tournaments. I am excited to see how Helix benefits from this deal and what changes they will be making. I am also interested to see how Genji Analytics helps impact the wagering and gambling scene within esports. I think esports gambling will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years and will become a huge success. This deal opens up a million different avenues for EEG to go through as well as make them a one stop shop for a any company looking to get into the world of esports. Looking forward to seeing what they do over the next year.

  2. Jael Concepcion

    The deal opens doors for the e-sports industry tremendously. With millions of people who gamble daily EEG hit it perfectly on the head. This will also open up the entertainment aspect of things also. If the pandemic continues everyone will want to gamble on e sports also. People also can gamble on a team without having to worry about the injury aspect of traditional sports.

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