Episode #104: Galaxy Gaming, Gamestop TikTok, Honor of Kings, Doc Twitch Ban Cost

In this episode, we discuss Samsung relaunching the Galaxy Store with a focus on mobile gaming, Tencent claiming 100M daily users on mobile game Honor of Kings, Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban costing him a business partnership, GameStop challenging their employees to a TikTok Dance contest to earn extra hours, and so much more!

1 comment on “Episode #104: Galaxy Gaming, Gamestop TikTok, Honor of Kings, Doc Twitch Ban Cost

  1. Daniel P Ward

    Really enjoyed the part about the current state of gaming. I think there really has been a lack in quality content recently. I feel that there isnt a good “go to” game that you can play for countless hours right now. The other topics like Galaxy’s rebranding of their app store is a move in the right direction in my opinion. With the current state of Fortnite and mobile gaming, Samsung has an opportunity to cash in and gain traction within the mobile gaming area. Tencent stating they have 100 Million daily players is just another reason why they are as big as they are. It seems that everything they touch turns to gold. Gamestop has really been struggling lately. With game purchases recently starting to lean towards digital shopping Gamestop has yet to find where it fits into the industry. Gamestops’ Tik Tok move was an interesting choice but wasn’t executed well. The reward being more hours to work is completely laughable. They needed to give a reward that would of excited employees which would of gained some traction within the world of TikTok. Gamestop needs to figure out a new direction to move in, in order to secure their future.

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