Episode #105: VanEck ESPO ETF, ESPN Esports Failure, Take-Two Buying Spree

In this episode with special guest John Patrick “EZ Livin” Lee (ETF Product Manager at VanEck), we discuss VanEck’s esports ETF ESPO, ESPN confirming the total shutdown of esports editorial operations, Take-Two submitting a proposal to acquire game developer Codemasters, and so much more!

1 comment on “Episode #105: VanEck ESPO ETF, ESPN Esports Failure, Take-Two Buying Spree

  1. Daniel Ward

    I think to JP’s point I think the esports world needs to focus on the global aspect of esports rather then the current local trend for a company like Activision to only produce about 8% of their revenue from esports can be alittle intimidating for companies looking to enter the field. With companies like ESPN failing to succeed in esports industry, companies that are focused on the esports and gaming world will trend to succeed over a company that doesnt commit to the covering the esports world. TakeTwo acquisition of CodeMasters could definitely change the core of their company being able to enhance their games could lead to a significant increase in their business.

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