Episode #107 (Video): Roblox IPO, PUBG Mobile $14M Prize, Bilibili Rap

In this episode, we discuss PUBG Mobile announcing a $14M esports program for 2021, Roblox filing their IPO prospectus, Roblox’s future in China, Chinese streaming company Bilibili releasing their quarterly results with a rap video, and so much more!

1 comment on “Episode #107 (Video): Roblox IPO, PUBG Mobile $14M Prize, Bilibili Rap

  1. Daniel Ward

    Seeing a game like Pubg invest 14million into the mobile esports world is awesome for any gamer out there. This will increase esports’ audience throughout the entire market since the esports mobile scene is relatively small compared to console and PC. Roblox IPO could put them in a realm of their own by aiming to raise $1 Billion from the IPO, they can increase market and maybe try and attract a larger audience. Bilibili’s rap is one of my favorite articles from this week. See a company like Bilibili announce earnings in this way is hilarious but also more engaging then anything else. I hope to see more companies look for new ways to engage their audience and customers.

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