Episode #108 (Video): Ninja E-lympics, OGN Shutdown, Roblox Secret Plans

In this episode, we discuss Ninja calling for an esports Olympics, the first esports broadcasting station OGN closing its doors indefinitely, Roblox acquiring Imbellus assets ahead of their IPO, and so much more!

1 comment on “Episode #108 (Video): Ninja E-lympics, OGN Shutdown, Roblox Secret Plans

  1. Daniel P Ward

    I would personally love to see the “E-lympics become a thing. I think it would be an awesome spectator event that would attract millions of viewers. Developing and producing something of this magnitude would be no easy task and would take the work of a lot of different people and companies. Id like to see Ninja start to spear head the talks for this since he is the biggest name in gaming which comes with some power. OGN closing is a tragic loss to the gaming world but it shows that if you don’t evolve completely with the industry, someone is going to step in and take your business. Roblox’s acquiring Imbellus is interesting timing with their IPO news in the spotlight. I am curious to see how they will incorporate their work into the Roblox universe.

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