ROCCAT Announces Sponsorship Of Barnes And Noble College’s Esports Tournament

Last week, ROCCAT, which is a PC brand owned by Turtle Beach, confirmed it will be a participating sponsor of “April Anarchy featuring Fortnite,” an upcoming college esports tournament being put on by Barnes & Noble College. Winners will receive cash prizes, and ROCCAT will update all laptops of the first-place team with the latest computer gear.

“April Anarchy featuring Fortnite” is an online qualifying esports tournament being hosted by Barnes & Noble College next month. The tournament has thousands of students from across the U.S. competing on teams in an online Fortnite tournament. Only the top three winning teams will qualify to receive cash prizes.

René Korte is the founder of ROCCAT and the General Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach. He explained how this opportunity would be excellent for the PC Brand. “Competitive collegiate-level gamers are a perfect audience for ROCCAT so we  jumped at the opportunity to join forces with Barnes & Noble College and AVGL for April Anarchy…in fact, we were so excited they even let us announce the event early,” said Korte. “Esports, online gaming, and engaging content creation have proven to be integral threads of the digital fabric keeping people connected and entertained over the past year. With the April Anarchy event we get to continue bringing gamers together in a fun and safe environment while introducing ROCCAT to many passionate college-level competitors. This event gives us the opportunity for these gamers to fall in love with our keyboards, mice, and headsets because of the competitive advantage they deliver.”

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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