Registration Opens For 2021 NHL World Gaming Championship

On March 26th, the National Hockey League announced that the organization officially opened registration for the 2021 NHL Gaming World Championship. Some new features of the event include separate tournaments for the European and North American regions as well as a chance to see Canadian and American gamers go head-to-head.

Gameplay for both the European and North American tournaments will begin on April 7th with an open online play round. Following four weeks of qualifiers, the European tournament will follow the traditional format through crowning a champion, while the North American tournament will incorporate a Club Championship model (Club Finals & Club Championship).

“Our goal has always been to incorporate our Clubs into the NHL Gaming World Championship tournament and with the introduction of the Club Championship this year, we are closer to connecting the virtual game with our on-ice product,” said Chris Golier, the VP of Business Development and Innovation for the NHL. “Despite not hosting in-person events this year, we are appreciative of the tremendous support our amazing partners provide to host a world-class event for our passionate global gaming community.”

2021 will mark the fourth year the NHL Gaming World Championship will be held. Last year’s winners include Justin “Regs_84” Reguly (Canada), Josh “OFs_HK” Fuss (U.S.), and Arttu “ArtuzioFIN” Mustila (Europe).

(All information was provided by the National Hockey League)

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