Turkish-Made Mobile Games Exceeding Global Expectations

A recent report shows that games made by Turkish developers received more likes than the global average in the Google Play Store. According to a report by the Anadolu Agency (AA), Turkish mobile games received an average score of 3.94 out of five while the global average is 3.76.

Ozan Aydemir is the founder of Gaming in Turkey. He had time to sit down and speak with AA about gaming in Turkey. “Our developers work meticulously and they analyze the expectations and demands of gamers to release updates accordingly,” he said about the success of Turkish games. “The number of gamers in Turkey grew from 32 million to 36 million, and the total revenue grew from $830 million to $880 million.”

According to the recent report, almost 2,700 Turkish game developers were featured in the Google Play Store. Collectively, there are more than 8,000 Turkish games playable on Android devices.

The most Turkish popular games available on the store include Basketball Arena, Bus Simulator, Head Ball 2, Zula Mobile, Recontact Istanbul, and Recontact London. According to 42matters, Turkish mobile games make up roughly 2% of the global mobile gaming market.

(All information was provided by Daily Sabah and 42 Matters)

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