Olympic Committee Discusses Potential Of Esports

In a recent interview, Andre Hoffman, who is the President of COSL, said that there is potential for gaming to come to the Olympics. The COSL is Comite Olympique Et Sportif Luxembourgeois. It serves as Luxembourg’s governing body in the Olympic games.

“Even the International Olympic Committee has recently communicated its position on new formats of physically distanced competitions,” Hoffman said in an interview with RTL Luxembourg. “For instance, there are cycling challenges in which athletes ride on a stationary bike in front of a screen that displays certain route. This means that people compete virtually from their homes.”

Esports will be coming to the Olympics in 2024 when the games are scheduled to take place in Paris. According to an article from Steam Universe, the 2024 Summer Olympics, will include demonstration esports events.

(All information was provided by RTL Luxembourg and The Olympics)

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