Airwaves Media Group Launches Multi-Platform Esports Company

At the end of March, Airwaves Media Group (AMG) announced it was launching a multi-platform esports media and production company called the “Airwaves Games Network”. Also, AMG signed an MOU agreement with VSPN Korea, meaning the two organizations will work together to further develop the global esports market.

Justin Lee is the CEO of Airwaves Media Group. “AGN’s proprietary technology, combined with our team of seasoned esports executives and producers are well-positioned to make AGN, the home of live esports,” Lee said. “AGN will provide a cost-effective turnkey solution for the Publishers, Influencers, and content creators to cost-effectively produce, operate, broadcast and monetize their own tournaments in multiple regions around the globe while preserving the broadcast quality.”

The Airwaves Games Network has developed an esports tournament platform that allows for the creation of live events and leagues that can be produced in a cost-effective manner. The AGN tournament platform will also provide a turn-key and bespoke production solution for publishers.

AMG is a digital media studio focused on producing live esports events and tournaments. The company also has plans to launch a mobile gaming application in 2022.

(All information was provided by KPVI-TV and Airwaves Media Group)

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