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Nielsen To Shut Down SuperData Gaming Division

The Nielsen Company recently announced it is planning on shutting down its SuperData gaming division. This comes after an apparent admission that the original hopes for the department didn’t work out as initially intended.

“We have decided to wind down SuperData business operations,” a Nielsen spokesperson said. “Our focus going forward will be to deliver games-related services and insights as added features and capabilities to core Nielsen Sports products and services.”

The Nielsen Company acquired the SuperData research firm back in 2018. SuperData reportedly tracked the monthly spending of more than 160 million video game players worldwide.

It is unclear how many people working for Nielsen in the SuperData Gaming division. It is also not being reported how many people will remain with the company following the closure of the firm.

The Profit‘s Take:

The only logical conclusion here is that Nielsen’s esports product failed. Moving esports under sports shows that they don’t fully understand the esports data market or opportunity. I haven’t seen a huge reliance on data in the esports industry at the moment – most likely because everything is growing and most brands are still experimenting.

(All information was provided by The Esports Observer)

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