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Amazon Adds 720p Streaming To Luna Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon recently announced it is adding a new viewing option to its Luna cloud gaming platform that caps the resolution at 720p. The goal of this new feature is to improve image stability for gamers with slower internet connections.

“Starting today, we’re enabling a new 720p option, allowing for decreased bandwidth and data usage by streaming at a lower resolution. With this setting, customers that have data cap limitations from their internet service providers can play at a lower resolution without sacrificing gameplay performance,” Luna said in a statement. “To take advantage of the 720p option, customers can go to the Settings tab in Luna and select 720p. It’s that easy!”

Luna previously used to stream solely in 1080p. It is being reported that 4K viewing options will be coming to the cloud gaming platform at some point in the future.

720p and 1080p refer to the resolution offered by HD TVs that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Lifewire says, “in general, the higher the resolution of a TV, the sharper the picture, and the higher the price tag.”

The Profit‘s Take:

Cloud gaming is already struggling. Amazon going backwards in terms of quality options is confusing. They should be focused on solving latency problems or the myriad of other issues with cloud gaming. Other than on a mobile device, there are likely extremely few customers who would see 720p as a useful feature.

(All information was provided by The Verge, Amazon Luna, and Lifewire)

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