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Fuse Launches Esports Consultancy Service

It was recently announced that marketing and commercial services company Fuse recently launched a new consultancy service focused on esports called “Fuse Ignite”. As part of the launch, Fuse has expanded its offerings into lifestyle and esports services.

“We know that there is still a challenge for non-endemic brands to get approval on investing long-term into esports, so we want to help rights holders within this space to create more compelling and credible investment opportunities,” said Fuse’s Head of Strategy, Data & Insights, Alex Charkham. “The rise of esports has disrupted our industry and provided some really viable alternatives to sport and music in particular. We believe we can use our understanding of what brands want to ensure rights holders are capitalizing on this growth opportunity.”

According to a press release, esports’ rights holders will be able to enhance commercial proposals and more effectively sell to brands through Fuse Ignite’s Proposition. The E-commerce initiative offered by the consultancy looks to “optimize the online platforms of rights holders.”

The Profit‘s Take:

Just another undifferentiated esports marketing and consulting firm. Nothing to see here.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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