SAF Global Gaming Announces FIFA Academy And First Signing

Serious About FIFA (SAF) Global Gaming recently announced the organization is launching its gaming academy within the world of FIFA esports. Tommy Mackie is the first player that will be joining the academy.

“As more brands look to enter the esports space, we feel that it’s vital for our players to understand the importance of creating their own brand within SAF and the wider FIFA esports ecosystem,” said Craig Winfield of SAF Global Gaming. “The SAF Academy will be an important part of our organization’s ability to create esports stars of the future.”

The SAF Academy will help the organization identify gamers that are not yet eligible to play in the FIFA Global Series (FGS). The academy will help these young players develop their skills so they are ready to enter the world of esports in the future.

SAF Global Gaming is a FIFA esports team that was established back in 2018. Today, the organization has over 50,000 users scattered throughout several communities across the globe.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK and SAF)

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