Wisdom Gaming Announces Continued Partnership With Riot Games

It was recently announced that Wisdom Gaming will expand its current partnership with Riot Games as the business continues to serve as the official broadcast company and tournament organization for Teamfight Tactics esports in North America. Furthermore, Wisdom will operate the newly launched NA TFT esports website that serves as the main hub for North American Teamfight Tactics activities.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with Riot to support the competitive TFT scene in Set 5,” said Jaycie Gluck, the Vice President of Media at Wisdom Gaming. “We’ve been producing TFT content for over a year now and still value it as a core component to our Giant Slayer brand. This partnership allows us to continue telling player stories and celebrating hype moments in a community that we cherish.”

It is being reported that Wisdom Gaming will also work with Riot on new activations and sponsorship deals related to TFT esports. The first of these partners is the online peer-to-peer competition prediction service Ballstreet Trading.

Wisdom Gaming was founded in 2017 and is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wisdom works to provide quality creative production services for businesses and other esports organizations.

(All information was provided by LinkedIn, Wisdom Gaming, and The Esports Observer)

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