Drop-In Gaming Gives Casual Esports Players A Platform

Drop-In Gaming is working with esports communities around the globe to establish tournaments and competitions for more casual gamers. Founded in 2020, this company believes that all players (regardless of skill level) should be able to compete for big cash prizes in esports events.

“Gaming with the usual squad and turning the casual game night into something to win money is great! We are competitive and now we get to see how we stack up against others,” said Twitch streamer CierraShares. “Makes all the time grinding during the week worth it.” 

Drop-In Gaming is changing the online esports tournament landscape. It provides a welcoming environment for “everyday gamers” to play a variety of titles in high-paying tournaments. It also provides the latest news from the world of esports while connecting gamers on a global scale.

Drop-In Gaming offers competitions every day. Buy-ins start as low as $5 and prizes can sometimes payout up to $1500.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire and LinkedIn)

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