TrueID TV Partnering With AirConsole

AirConsole recently announced a partnership in Thailand with True Digital Group’s TrueID TV. As part of the agreement, AirConsole will become the casual gaming solutions provider for True Digital’s Android TV ecosystem.

“Thailand is an important market for AirConsole in the APAC region, thus we are glad to partner up with an innovative player like True Digital Group,” said Anthony Cliquot, the Head of Strategic Partnership Development at AirConsole. “It is yet another Android TV partnership with a leading telecom operator in this region that will help us raise more product awareness and grow our footprint.”

AirConsole is a fast-growing start-up company based out of Switzerland. More than 7,000 developers have created over 190 games published on AirConsole. These games have been played by over 9 million people worldwide.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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