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VPesports Says Poker Will Emerge As An Esport

VPesports is a collection of Eastern and Western writers and illustrators that have a passion for gaming. They recently released an article entitled “Why poker’s emergence as a major esport is imminent”. In this piece, the authors say the expanding access and legality of betting as well as the overlap between esports and poker make the future of the game a no-brainer.

“This should not be surprising to anybody, because throughout the rise of esports over the years poker has remained in a sort of unofficially separate realm online. We know that countless competitors engage in online poker, and that a great deal of money changes hands. But for whatever reason — even though one could almost consider poker to be the original esport — it’s not really thought of in the same way,” the author wrote on VPesports. “None of these developments or possibilities mean that we’re quite on the cusp of considering online poker, or streamed poker events, as ordinary esports. They do, however, all point in that general direction. Expanding legalization, the ongoing attention paid to major tournaments, and collaboration between esports and poker companies likely mean that in due time poker will be embraced as part of the broader esports landscape.”

There are globally recognized Poker tournaments being played throughout the United States over the coming weeks and months. Some of the competitions scheduled to take place will be held in Nevada, California, Florida, and South Dakota.

The Profit‘s Take:

If chess can be an esport, why not poker? While it sounds like a slippery slope, it really just is a question of the definition of esport. Making this definition too strict really only hurts the industry in the long run.

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