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How Herman Miller Has Taken Over The Gaming Chair Market

Jon Campbell is the Director of Gaming at Herman Miller. He recently sat down for an interview with Highsnobiety. During this discussion, Campbell explained how Herman Miller gaming chairs became the best on the market today.

“We are really focused on redefining the gaming market as a market that should truly deliver wellness and performance,” Campbell said when asked how Herman Miller is changing the way people define luxury. “When we entered into the market with a $1,500 chair, where the typical price point was $200, what we heard from the community is there was a wide acceptance of that because they realize their chair is the one thing that you intimately interact with on a consistent basis when you’re gaming. It’s the one thing that can really make your gaming session either great or maybe not so great, especially if you’re dealing with lower back pain or neck pain. So what we’re seeing from the industry is people are investing in themselves by investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair to help them continue to do the thing that they love the most. I don’t necessarily define it as a luxury brand, I really see us as a performance brand.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Campbell was asked if he believes that, one day, gaming chairs and officer furniture will be looked at as the same thing. He responded by saying he believes gaming furniture will one day impact the way we view office furniture.

The Profit‘s Take:

Despite the deluge of low cost gaming chairs, Herman Miller has managed to achieve big success in this category with a very premium offering. It goes to show that good product and good word of mouth can win the day in the gaming space.

(All information was provided by Highsnobiety)

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