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Oracle Launches Ad Measurement Technology For 3D In-Game Environments

On May 12th, Oracle unveiled the world’s first ad measurement technology for 3D in-game environments. Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) will allow marketers to better understand and execute advertising in video games.

“As the gaming industry continues to grow and become a key area of investment for advertisers, it’s crucial that advertisers can measure whether an ad was served to a human and detect any fraudulent ad activity inside games,” said Derek Wise, Oracle Advertising’s Chief Product Officer. “Today’s industry-first announcement represents an important step forward in understanding ad performance in 3D in-game environments. We’re proud to be able to equip advertisers with the confidence and tools they need to make more informed buying decisions to reach these highly engaged audiences.”

This update will showcase several new features. This includes an impression delivery system, as well as General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) measurements for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments.

The Profit‘s Take:

Lots of interesting themes in this story. First, Oracle getting into gaming is significant. Gaming infrastructure is a space that I have advised many investors to keep an eye on, and Oracle is confirming my belief that exciting opportunities exist there. Second, Oracle’s play is all about embedding ads into games, which bodes well for the industry’s efforts there if a player like Oracle is dipping their toes in that water. Being able to give advertisers the confidence that their ads are working is one of the keys to making in-game advertising successful.

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