Fluxo Esports Signs Exclusive Partnership With Booyah!

Brazilian gaming organization Fluxo Esports recently revealed the platform Booyah! signed a deal to be the company’s exclusive streaming partner. Booyah! will now be featured as a sponsor on team jerseys. Furthermore, Fluxo team members will post exclusive content to the streaming platform as well.

“We found BOOYAH! [to be] the ideal partner to amplify our purpose,” said Lúcio “Cerol” dos Santos Lima, the Co-Founder of Fluxo Esports. “Together, in addition to being able to now create even more content and reinvest in our competitive structure, we will create new opportunities for our fans to be increasingly closer to Fluxo.”

Booyah! is one of several sponsors for the Brazilian esports organization. Some of the company’s other sponsors include Next, Razer Gold, and energy drink TNT.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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