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Business of Esports TV: YouGov Insights: Apple or Epic?

(Livestream #133)

In this segment, we discuss some statistics from our friends at YouGov (, specifically the numbers on how consumers are feeling about Apple and Epic Games as brands.

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Paul Dawalibi 1:15:42
Yeah, guys, just one last thing from from this yougov from these stats, super interesting, because we talked about the the epic Apple lawsuit, what what you guys did was they they tracked they track something called a daily brand health tracker, okay, and they look at 2000 brands, and they’re able to basically gauge how certain groups of people feel about those brands. And in this particular case, they looked at how gamers and gaming entertainment enthusiasts, ie twitch viewers feel about the fortnight brand and the apple brand and the Epic Games brand. And what they found was the score for the fortnight brand is decreasing at a higher pace than the score for the apple brand. Okay. And and however, the apple brand has taken a hit among that audience. So it’s not like it’s got it’s got off scot free. But it the fortnight brand is declining at a faster pace, the score is declining at a faster pace than the apple score. The Apple score has a higher satisfaction score what they call it Yeah. And so it’s interesting because you know, epics play if you you know, if you if you look at just the data here is not really working, right? Like fortnight’s taking a worst hit in the minds of gamers than Apple is

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
that that shows to me two points that we discussed, actually, at the beginning of the show, one fortnight probably could have won the battle of public opinion or in the court of public opinion, had they pursued a free fortnight campaign instead of a epic versus Apple campaign. Yeah, and and the second point is, what we also said is fortnight’s definitely die, right? Like it’s just had its moment it did amazingly well beyond all expectation, but it’s, it’s done now.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
It comes down to is Tim Sweeney trying to build a because he keeps talking about this other verse, right? He wants to create, the place where everyone can hang out for years and years to come. And, uh, he’s, he’s got he’s got something up here, right, it’s working, and it’s working well, and he has come up with all these collabs over the past couple of years that have blown the game into the spotlight eat time after time, I can only think that he’s going for the longest play here. And that fortnight will not go away for the next like 20 years, and will continue to ebb and flow in the like, in the lime into the in and out of the limelight. I genuinely believe that

Paul Dawalibi 1:18:13
he might, he might or he might be totally distracted by this lawsuit and lose, lose, lose that opportunity. Guys, I just want to say quickly, again, want to wrap this up. Everything we just talked about all these insights pulled from yougov profiles. They’re the most complete and granular data set for understanding what the world thinks and does. Please go check out you slash gaming dash eSports for a bunch of free eSports and gaming reports. Also go show yougov some love their tremendous sponsors, supporters of the live stream and of the business of Esports

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