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Business of Esports TV: Indiana Jones: The Game

(Livestream #133)

In this segment, we discuss Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game currently in development and whether or not film IP is worth adapting into games.

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Paul Dawalibi 55:49
Let’s talk about this one because this is a good recurring theme on this live stream. And I sorry, I gave you the choice and then I took it away. But but this is Indiana Jones game reportedly started production. Okay. And what’s what’s also interesting about this article, other than the headline is, supposedly the executive producer on the game is going to be none other than Todd Howard of Bethesda fame. And, and so, first of all, I had not even known there was an Indiana Jones game in development. And it’s it’s obviously, it’s backed by Microsoft, because of the Bethesda acquisition now. Right? So it’s a it’s a Microsoft game now. Yeah. What do you guys think about and for the Jimmy’s especially? Because this is you’re new to this live stream? And so I’m curious to get you guys on the record, in terms of how you feel about the cross between movies and games. Right. And and do you see this as because there are some let me just sorry, let me ask the question more directly. There are some people who believe games based on movies always suck, right? There are some people who believe you know, true moving IP, from one to the other games to movies and movies to games is just a brilliant way of managing a media business. Where do you guys fall on the spectrum of how you feel about games based on movies? Whoever wants to go first. Jimmy Beeman, he comes with the alphabet

Unknown Speaker 57:58
it’s hard to think of a specific movie that had a game that I really liked save maybe Laura rings Middle Earth right? I think universes if I could broaden it a little bit because I love all the Star Wars universe games. I mean, Kotor one and two are my favorite games ever. There wasn’t a specific code war movie yet knock on wood. But um, but you know, the Star Wars universe has made a successful adaptation. But then you know you look at like the Harry Potter games and some of these other ones that were just kind of not great. Right and you’re and they ruin I think the franchise for you a little bit. I will say that there already is the best Indiana Jones video game ever made. It’s called Uncharted. Okay, like yeah, I bought a PlayStation two just to play Uncharted. I’m obsessed with that with that whole series of games. And I don’t know how this will be much different. But I do have a lot of faith in Bethesda. So I do like you know, like what comes out of there? So I have such mixed feelings about this honestly. I don’t know if they can ruin Indiana Jones any more than the fourth movie did so like there’s there’s a Risa floor Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:06
I completely agree with you Jimmy be like I think there’s some properties that do well, some properties that did it not so well. I’m like, I don’t know like the Lion King game right? Like back in the day. That was infuriating. But it was funny like it was a thing right at so well away. It got dumped in a desert and we forgot about it. This Indiana Jones I personally don’t why who asked for an Indiana Jones video game like you said we have Uncharted they did it so well. You charted

Paul Dawalibi 59:35
Tomb Raider I mean,

Unknown Speaker 59:38
so many great games. The IP itself is you know, you know, pardon if I’m speaking like a Zoomer here. The IP of Indiana Jones doesn’t really make sense as a game because what child is going to be like, yes, Indiana Jones my favorite movie like

Paul Dawalibi 59:53
Why? Especially especially if it’s Harrison Ford, Indiana. Like there are I don’t know if there are many Zoomers who will have any clue what they’re what they’re playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
I do think the Tomb Raider movies in the games were I mean, I like all the movies. And the opposite point though is like with Assassin’s Creed, right, great game terrible movie. So I just think maybe it’s just the combination one of the two has to fail. But which, right? Yeah,

Paul Dawalibi 1:00:22
I mean, TEST TEST brings up that point movies based on games are also cursed. So, you know, we’re trying to get to basic principles here. Is that Is it the one like the original IP is always good. And then if you move it somewhere else that becomes no good. Like, is that does this Well, does this hold true?

Lindsay Poss 1:00:39
Or doesn’t?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
Tomb Raider is pretty nice. TV is safe, right? Like the Witcher on Netflix, I thought was I really like it? And there’s, you know, like, the Pokemon cartoon is awesome.

Paul Dawalibi 1:00:50
TV safe. But like the biggest guy in me, sorry, Lindsay, go ahead.

Lindsay Poss 1:00:54
Oh, I was there was actually a long New York Times article this week about how movie studios are reaching to games for IP. So it’s funny that the same week this comes out with a movie studio.

Paul Dawalibi 1:01:09
Has Indiana Jones and Bethesda, Microsoft, Todd Howard, I get it. It should succeed, right? The business guy in me wants to look at this right and figure out what’s the rule? Right? Like, what is the what is the principle or theory that covers this? And like, what makes a port of IP successful? And what makes it unsuccessful? And I don’t know if there’s any way that we can sort of just generalize to like first principles. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
I mean, Jimmy be brought up a really good point in that. TV shows right? serialized things, I think do much better for video games, because of the world building aspect of it, right? There’s just too much stuff moving on. And so I think maybe that’s the only way to do it. Because if you try to world build in two hours, which we’ve seen, happen time and time again, Warcraft movie, right? Just like Mortal Kombat. Like they were just like, just throw the fatalities in there. Like, just forget the rest. Like just throw them in. make them look good, which they did. They looked amazing. But they’re like, what happened? That movie? I couldn’t tell you. Like, who knows? But I think you have. you’re onto something with the serialization there. Even even the raw rampage I’m sorry.

Lindsay Poss 1:02:22
I love the rockets. He will take a check to make any action film. No, sure. No. Yeah, no bar too low. Um, no, I was just going to ask if all of you were excited then for the Uncharted show with Tom Holland.

Paul Dawalibi 1:02:37
It should work right in theory if you guys only charted

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
Yeah, it’s been filming since I was like eight years old. Right? Like, what’s it still filming?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
I heard that you filmed a spider man scene using his Nathan Drake accent so I’m excited. Hopefully there’s no like Starbucks cups like in that game of thrones finale.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
Let’s see.

Lindsay Poss 1:03:00
I’m more excited about the app Pedro Pascal last bus. Oh, yeah, I’m excited for that.

Paul Dawalibi 1:03:07
Wave says Is it a direct sequel to the Atari 2600 Raiders of the Lost Ark game? Yes, definitely. That’s what they’re thinking all the people who bought that game have been very patiently waiting for the sequel. Ramsey says GoldenEye double oh seven Yeah, that’s true. That was a good one that the movie and the game worked. Although, yeah, that did work. I’ll just leave it at that camp says on paper this should be a hit. I agree on paper. I has all the pieces Jimmy I started going

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
on paper I think they all should be hits. Right? Like all these games have amazing production quality from voice actors to actual actors using their voices, right? high level of sound production, immense scripts, writing, rewriting, right. Like on paper, all of these should be hits, you know, converting books into games or books into movies on paper. It just it always makes sense. Part of I think might be the culture aspect of it where you have these people in film and television that aren’t gamers themselves. Virginians point right they can’t build that world because they didn’t live in it the way we do. So I mean, Henry capital is a huge gamer maybe that’s why he’s a dork right yeah, so maybe maybe that’s why he’s so good at Superman and and Witcher in all these you know, traditionally nerdy things that were only two I don’t know.

Paul Dawalibi 1:04:27
Wait says the sonic movie broke all the theory theories.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
I don’t know man.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
He did a couple of things. I haven’t seen it yet but i from my understanding it’s very Deadpool as Kuma Should I go watch it? Have you guys seen it?

Paul Dawalibi 1:04:44
I haven’t. But to be honest, I after Warcraft I gave up on movies based on games I just said that’s it. I’m too traumatized. Never again, test as Jimmy Amazon it’s hours and hours of gameplay hardly ever translate well to a single feature length film. Medium matters 1,000% agree. Test actually, guys, before we get it, we have a last one last story here. Before we get to it, I just want to put an ask out to everyone watching or everyone who watches this after the fact of the vaad or whatever else. We’d love for you guys to send comments and ideas we will need for the two Jimmy’s, they will need their own nicknames. And so I want to hear some suggestions. For what what we could do for Jimmy M and Jimmy because I don’t want to keep doing Jimmy M and Jimmy B every week. That way too much of a mouthful.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
I don’t know if it’s show appropriate. But my Warzone group calls me thick boy, so I’m just throwing that out.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
Voice Over.

Paul Dawalibi 1:05:50
I also don’t want to have to say thick boy 50 times a live stream. What are your thoughts on the financial?

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