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Business of Esports TV: YouGov Insights – Effective Ads

(Livestream #134)

In this segment, we discuss some statistics from our friends at YouGov (, specifically about the efficacy of mobile in-game advertisements.

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Paul Dawalibi 44:48
But I did have one sort of quick stat that I pulled from one of them here. And and I thought it was interesting. Did you guys know that 37% of mobile gamers okay, because we talked about VALORANT Mobile 37% of mobile gamers have purchased a product because of an in game ad. You guys feel that tie? In terms of conversion?

Jimmy Baratta 46:53
I would be that marketing campaign. I would be taking my commission check straight to the vague.

Paul Dawalibi 47:02
But I mean, I was I was blown away. I pulled this out because I was absolutely blown away. 37%

Lindsay Poss 47:09
can you say the full statistic again,

Paul Dawalibi 47:11
37% of mobile gamers have purchased a product because of an in game ad. almost four out of 10 gamers on mobile seeing in game ad and purchase something make a purchase as a consequence,

Jimmy Baratta 47:27
and probably one of the one apply so many things. It was just like, Oh, yeah, you know, this ad makes a good point. You’re waiting for that justification to pull the trigger. That’s outrageous. That’s so high.

Paul Dawalibi 47:40
It’s so high, which is like it’s the backup for like this is this is a cash grab right like the here’s the here’s the the argument for why you want to do mobile and mobile advertising.

Jimmy Baratta 47:52
Honestly, I would want to undershoot because how are you going to talk that next quarter, right? Like, everyone’s gonna expect you to just hit it out of the park every time now. That’s,

Paul Dawalibi 48:00
that’s great. And then the second one, which I thought was, which is is also interesting that actually, I think we talked about this one, I may have talked about this one last week, but a fifth of NFL fans want to gamble on eSports, which I thought was also very high. But 20% of NFL fans want to gamble on eSports. So you get all those kinds of insights there in these four reports, guys, they’re all new. As of like mid last week, basically, they were all put up in the last week. And we’re going to talk about all of them in more detail on next week’s live stream. But I wanted to tease it with that stat. Please go show you give some love, reach out to them on LinkedIn, reach out to them on Twitter or wherever. Because if you’re working in the industry at all, or you’re thinking of getting into into the industry at all, you absolutely will want access to their data. It is invaluable. And so I’m going to put the link here it’s YouGov .com slash gaming dash eSports. And you can dive into a bunch of their free reports and free research. It’s incredibly interesting. Let me just answer some questions here before we move on. Christian says What about promoting the lower tier products through Discord eSports communities? It’s a good idea, Christian. I mean, I mean, Jimmy, this is something you know very well.

Jimmy Baratta 49:20
Yeah, I mean, you you never start an ad campaign like this with just a limited focus, right? You want to start with a grassroots mobilization of your product through Discord eSports communities and micro influencers. And then you pair that with the one big name because what happens is the big names cost a lot of money and you can only have them for a limited amount of time. So you you do more of a long term marketing strategy through these communities which is is how I’ve gone about it at least you build up a lot of hype. And then when you actually finally get that big name to support your product, the the fall back onto these Discord eSports communities and micro influencers stays engaged and you Experience higher retention. So I mean Christian hit on the head, you absolutely want to promote things like, you know, a cheaper HP product or whatever, whatever it is that you’re promoting that you want to get in front of consumers and eventual clients or users or what have you. Through Discord in particular through micro influencers and then waiter, you take it to the to the bigger names, otherwise, you’ll have a spike in interest, and it will fizzle out just as quickly, at least again, through my own experience, epically failing and learning.

Paul Dawalibi 50:33
Preston asked, are an in game purchase or will real world purchase? Preston we’re gonna dive into this research report your if you go to slash gaming dash eSports you’ll see it linked there the full report that talks about this, but and they do dive into that. It’s it just it’s really purchase any product. So real world or in game, it’s whatever is being advertised in the mobile game so that you know if that’s something else, or a different game, or a skin or a real world product. 37% basically acted on that mobile ad, which I think is is like I said it’s massive. And again, without because we’re gonna get into it next week. Two in five mobile gamers remember an ad they’ve seen in a mobile game, which I also think is very high in terms of just retention. It’s incredibly, like I said, I was shocked how effective of an ad platform mobile games actually are. Terry says 37% of mobile gamers responded to a survey while vaguely paying attention to the question. Sorry, that’s a little bit a little bit of maybe a jaded point of view. But you know, there’s there’s margin of error.

Lindsay Poss 51:50
Yeah, you always assume plus or minus 10%. But even on minus 10% 1/4 of people buying something from an ad is a lot. Oh, no.

Paul Dawalibi 52:02
You know, I think I’m pretty sure if you look at if you if you partner with YouGov, and you get all their research data, you know, they publish like things like margin of error and their process and how they do these studies and things like that. So like with any statistics, there is of course margin of error, but I don’t I think the data is pretty reliable, and the takeaway is the same, which is it’s a huge number and the conversion is massive, even if you assume a very large margin of error, which you know, you have is the best in the world in terms of compiling data like this and so reality is that’s just not not going to be the case. The data will be very good. Preston says need to check out that live event report yet. Preston definitely go check it out. I put the link in all the chats everywhere we’re being broadcast, but it’s YouGov comm slash gaming dash eSports.

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