Future Publishing “Retires” UK Official PlayStation Magazine

In a recent note, Future Publishing revealed it was “retiring” the UK Official Playstation Magazine. The organization also explained that the publication would be rebranded as Play. It is being reported that the company will maintain the same editorial team it has been using for years.

“We’re getting in touch to let you know that the Official PlayStation Magazine has taken a well-earned retirement, and we’re making an exciting fresh start,” the organization said in an email sent to subscribers. “Our aim is for Play to go farther and deeper than ever before into the world of PlayStation gaming. And crucially, it’s made by the same team of writers, editors, and designers, with the same deep industry access, quality writing, and pass for all things PlayStation.”

The rebranding of this magazine signifies the end of a 33-year stretch of official games publications. The first official games magazine was released in 1988.

(All information was provided by Video Game Chronicle)

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