Episode #135: ggCircuit & LAN Centers, Netflix Gaming Subscription, VALORANT Popularity

In this episode with special guest Zack Johnson (Founder and CEO of ggCircuit), we discuss building the operating system of gaming centers, the growth and future of LAN centers and what makes them successful, Netflix trying to enter the gaming space, how Valorant is performing relative to other games with real data from LAN centers around the world, and so much more!

1 comment on “Episode #135: ggCircuit & LAN Centers, Netflix Gaming Subscription, VALORANT Popularity

  1. Excited to here about GG Circuit making great progress. Also, I’m completely against subscription service for games. Same way you pointed out games are different from movies for why Netflix will fail, is why game streaming as a whole will fail. Movies and TV shows are released weekly and only take 1-2 years to make. Meanwhile games take years to make and there’s only like 3-4 games a year that are exciting. Like you also said, people only play a small amount of games for a majority of their time. Your comments contradict your bullishness for game streaming. Game streaming in my opinion will ruin quality for games. Imagine if Netflix controlled all the production studios. They’d be in control of what movies get the best treatment and take away the fans being able to vote with their money. I’ll personally always buy my games to support the developers I like and not let MS or Netflix make that decision for me.

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