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“Weezer” To Open Summer Game Fest 2021

The Summer Game Fest, scheduled for next month, recently announced the band Weezer will do a live performance to kick off the event. Weezer will debut a “stream safe game soundtrack” song before sending fans and viewers into the free, all-digital festival.

“The big lesson last year was that we were so restricted in what we could do, I couldn’t even leave home. This year we’re going to be able to do it on a soundstage, with a live show,” said producer Geoff Keighley. “We’ll have live guests with me, which is a big bonus.”

Summer Game Fest 2021 will begin Thursday, June 10 at 11 AM PST. Things get started with the official opening for the event, entitled Kick Off Live!

Summer Game Fest is a complete celebration of video games. Last year’s festival took place following the cancellation of E3 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Profit‘s Take:

Summer Game Fest is such a waste of time, but this is a great example of music and gaming coming together. The problem is that most of the gaming audience today is maybe too young to have known Weezer in their prime!

(All information was provided by Deadline, The Verge, and The Hollywood Reporter)

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