Take PC Games Anywhere With The ONEXPLAYER

One-Netbook, a manufacturer of portable computer devices, will soon be redefining the handheld gaming console market with the ONEXPLAYER. Available for backing on Indiegogo, One-Netbook has already raised $1.6 million for the device as of May 19th.

“Playing games with the most powerful CPU is like racing with a 1,600 bhp sports car,” it reads on the ONEXPLAYER Indiegogo page. “The experience is surreal. The 11th generation of Tiger Lake-U processor features 12M L3 cache, 4.8 GHz turbo frequency, 4-core, and 8-thread(applies to i7-1185G7 only). The world’s best performing CPU makes sure you rule all kinds of video games and boosts performance in every possible way.”

The ONEXPLAYER comes in four different models, however, they are sold out of the i7-1185G7. Prices for the other three models range from $819 to $999.

(All information was provided by Indiegogo and Tech Aeris)

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