Brazilian Start-Up Playmatch Opens Seed Investment Round

On May 25th, Brazilian organization Playmatch announced it opened its seed investment round. It is being reported that this investment round will conclude at the end of June.

The company hopes these investments will help Playmatch officially partner with 21,000 schools. The organization plans to collaborate with 16,000 schools during this round of financing.

“We help them implement esports internally in the same way that it already has other modalities such as futsal, basketball, etc. They participate for free in our school esports leagues and, in the educational part, we help educators, who usually are digital immigrants, to make their classes more attractive to digital natives, using games and esports as pedagogical tools,” Gabriel Vinícius told The Esports Observer.

Playmatch was founded in 2019. The platform provides esports-related content for educators across the globe so students can have an easier time understanding school subjects.

(All information was provided by The Esports Observer)

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