News Launches Mobile Cloud Platform For Game Developers

On June 3rd, announced it was launching a brand new mobile cloud platform for video game developers. This program,’s Platform-as-a-Service, aims to revolutionize the way mobile game developers reach users around the world.

“ empowers mobile game developers to acquire an entire spectrum of new users that would otherwise have been constrained by device and app store specs,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO. “The mobile cloud democratizes access to mobile gaming by removing all friction and device requirements from experiencing a new game. This unleashes an unprecedented new era of possibilities for game developers to acquire the next billion mobile gamers. The next generation of mobile gaming is here.”

The platform will allow users across the globe to have easy access to new games without having to sacrifice picture quality or performance. The organization also makes games easy to share and download with just the click of a button thanks to the service.

Most importantly, game developers can monetize their new titles without having to rely on users’ credit cards. has several digital channels and cloud-based payment services that make it easy for devs to get their money directly from gamers.

The mobile cloud platform is available for use and download now.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire)

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