Virtual Tabletop Gaming Conference Held In San Diego

A virtual tabletop gaming conference recently took place in San Diego. The d4: Tabletop Creative Conference was held on June 5th and 6th at the Comic-Con Museum.

“Tabletop gaming brings people together and while we still can’t gather in-person for this conference, we are excited to provide those in the tabletop game industry and those interested in the industry the opportunity to convene virtually to get involved in the process behind creating games and learn more about the skills needed to get games published,” said Eddie Ibrahim, the museum’s senior director of programming. “Hosting this conference expands on our offerings and aligns with our mission of promoting and supporting areas of popular art that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve.”

The virtual series can be viewed on the Comic-Con Museum YouTube channel. The event was broken up into 25 different parts over two days.

(All information was provided by YouTube and the Times of San Diego)

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