Cougar Unveils “Mars Pro 150” Gaming Desk

Cougar Gaming recently unveiled a new product called the Mars Pro 150. This high-tech gaming desk has many features including a carbon-fiber finish, dual-sided RGB lighting, USB-C ports, and numerous monitor mounts.

“COUGAR Mars Pro 150 stands on the shoulders of giants,” it reads on the Cougar website. “Not only Mars Pro 150 retains the best features of Mars but evolves with much more handy functions, such as a USB 3.0 Type-C port for data transfers and HDMI monitor extension. It’s not just a gaming desk, it’s the desk how to make your ideas come alive.”

Little information is known about the desk outside of its features and layout. The price and release date for the product has not been revealed at this time.

Cougar Gaming is a world-famous esports technology provider. They are responsible for creating a variety of products including keyboards, gaming chairs, PC cases, and other types of gaming accessories.

(All information was provided by Cougar Gaming and Tom’s Hardware)

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