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Skillz Enters Agreement To Acquire Aarki

On June 2nd, it was announced that Skillz had entered into an agreement to acquire the technology-driven marketing platform Aarki. The acquisition is expected to close during the third quarter of this year.

As a part of the acquisition, Aarki’s Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms will be integrated into Skillz products. Furthermore, Skillz will be able to access Aarki’s database of more than 465 million monthly users.

“Aarki’s proven machine learning will pair with Skillz’s robust first-party data to create an unrivaled value proposition for game developers,” said Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise. “The integrated ecosystem will unlock new points of connectivity between consumers, developers, and brands, pairing the right impression with the right user at the right time, all while delivering a superior user experience.”

Skillz will reportedly acquire 100% of Aarki. The deal will be for approximately $150 million in cash and stock options.

The Profit‘s Take:

All mobile gaming is going to be adversely affected by the new IDFA rules. This is why companies like Skillz are buying “marketing platforms” (aka user lists) like Aarki. It’s a troublesome sign for mobile monetization, but great news for companies like Aarki as valuations paid should be quite rich.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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