Wild Card Sports Could Be The Next Billion Dollar Gaming Company

According to a new survey, Wild Card Sports has the potential to be the next multi-billion dollar gaming company. This comes after a report (by John Zogby Strategies) showed that 70% of fantasy sports bettors would likely play Wild Card Sports.

“Based on the study, we can realistically project 20 million to 30 million members, each playing 3 different sports a year. This does not take into account exponential growth,” said Hank Werronen, the President of Wild Card Sports. “With our business model, we are confident that Wild Card Sports will be a real money maker. We are now seeking additional investors and partners with gaming experience to bring the game to market in the next year.”

Wild Card Sports features a panel of five pro athletes that play weekly selection-based games. Each user that participates in a game has a chance to win a large cash prize by correctly picking more winning teams in a sporting event than the former pros.

Every four seasons that a user plays, that individual will be eligible to receive an ownership stake in the company. As users continue to play, they will earn a Wild Card Clubhouse Key which unlocks invitations to deals, prizes, and other special events.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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