Esports Technologies Starts Team To Continue Development Of Intellectual Properties

On July 7th, Esports Technologies Inc. announced it had established a dedicated quantitative analysis team to help the organization continue developing intellectual properties (IPs) that are focused on new, esports-based predictive gaming models. The initiative will allow Esports Technologies to create a high-tech wagering platform while partnering with B2B (business to business) customers to generate revenue from the use of this technology.

As part of this initiative, Jason Finch, the company’s former Director of Research and Technology, has been named the organization’s new CTO. He has put together a team of highly qualified industry veterans that includes Brad Cole, Dr. Stephan Roberts, Dr. Da Xu, and Dr. Jonathan Pearce.

“Mr. Finch has done an excellent job leading our research and technology departments, and he is well-prepared to lead our world-class quantitative, platform, and data team,” said Bart Barden, the COO of Esports Technologies. “We believe the latest additions of Dr. Roberts, Dr. Xu, and Dr. Pearce will accelerate our ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the esports wagering experience to our product offerings and those of our partners. Our commitment to quantitative analytics is a strategic move that will have far-reaching effects on our growth and our aggressive acquisition strategy.”

Esports Technologies is a gaming company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The organization offers over 500 tournaments and more than 14,000 matches that are streamed in over 50 major markets worldwide.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and Esports Technologies)

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