eSportskred Unveils Partnership With Vexed Gaming

On June 14th, eSportskred unveiled a brand new partnership with British esports organization Vexed Gaming. As part of the deal, the companies will work together to develop a social media networking platform that can be used by esports influencers.

“Building a strong social presence is essential for any eSports organization. However, it is a hugely time-consuming function that requires significant resources to deliver effectively,” said Mark Weller, the Chief Gaming Officer at Vexed Gaming. “In the eSportskred platform, we have a solution that not only automates much of the repetitive work, it also gives us accurate visibility on the activities of our network and delivers key value metrics that enable us to prove our value to our sponsors.”

The esports influencer platform was first developed in 2017. It was launched to help traditional sports teams and athletes make money off of their social media presence.

With this new partnership, eSportskred will now be given the technology necessary to focus its efforts on esports. This includes assistance with social media management and tracking interactions with other accounts.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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