Veloxia Technology Interactive Raises $3M In Funding Round

Veloxia Technology Interactive recently announced that it has raised $3 million in a round of funding. This information was first reported by Venture Beat.

Collective Spark was the lead investor in this funding round. Bogazici Ventures, Ak Portfoy Girisim Sermayesi, and others also provided additional money.

Veloxia will reportedly use these funds to develop other idle (mouse-clicking-based) games. The organization is already famous for creating Space Colony: Idle.

“Our infrastructure is backed by behavioral economy models which we are constantly developing as we scale our products,” said CEO of Veloxia Tugay Alyildiz. “We work towards differentiating Veloxia from other mobile gaming startups with our approach to monetization in game design and by successfully managing products in different categories under a cluster structure.”

(All information was provided by Venture Beat and

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