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Andbox Enters World Of “Call Of Duty: Mobile” With Trovo Mayhem Partnership

Andbox, an American gaming organization, recently announced it will be competing in Call of Duty: Mobile thanks to a new partnership with the Trovo Mayhem esports team. As part of the agreement, Trovo Mayhem will be renamed NYSL Mayhem. The financial details of the deal have not been revealed at this time.

Trovo Mayhem’s seven players will now join the NYSL Mayhem esports roster. Two analysts, a manager, and a coach are also expected to become a part of the team as well.

“We intend to continue to work with our partners and sponsors to bring them new activations against our audience and cross mingle our Call of Duty: Mobile and the main team to play with each other in promotional content and pick-up games,” said Rohit Gupta, the chief product officer at Andbox.

This marks Andbox’s fourth competitive gaming team. The other three organizations are a VALORANT team, the New York Subliners of the Call of Duty League, and the New York Excelsior from the Overwatch League.

The Profit‘s Take:

Andbox sure has a lot of eggs all in one basket (the Activision Blizzard basket). Not sure if that’s the right long-term strategy.

(All information was provided by The Esports Observer and SportTechie)

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