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K-Swiss And MIBR Launch The World’s First Esports Performance Shoe

K-Swiss recently teamed up with MIBR to create the world’s first esports performance-enhancing shoe. It is currently unclear when The One-Tap shoe will be available in stores and online.

“For players to perform their best, they must look and feel their best,” said K-Swiss President Barney Waters. “In the esports world, this is no exception as physical and psychological preparation breeds excellence in performance, exactly what The One-Tap offers.”

The exact price and release date of The One-Tap shoe has not been revealed at this time. As of June 22nd, 2021, an “error 404: page not found” message appears when attempting to purchase the shoe through the K-Swiss website.

K-Swiss is an American apparel manufacturer. The company was founded in California in 1966.

The Profit‘s Take:

Is there really any shoe that could enhance performance in esports? This feels like clever marketing targeted at the lucrative gaming audience, but not much more than that.

(All information was provided by K-Swiss [1,2] and Yahoo! Finance)

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