Reddit Canada Teams Up With Wondr Gaming To Launch NFT Platform

On June 24th, Wondr Gaming Corp. announced it was teaming up with Reddit in Canada to launch an NFT platform called The website will feature a series of campaigns produced by Wondr Gaming’s media division and hosted by the organization’s roster of content creators.

“Teaming up with Reddit is an opportunity for us to authentically grow our NFT platform, Our fully built out, white-labeled, blockchain-supported NFT platform allows us to work with esports and conventional sports athletes and teams, musicians, and the global Gaming and Sports community to create unique NFTs from historic moments both past and present,” said Wondr Gaming CEO Jon Dwyer. “Harnessing the Reddit community to drive users and buyers to our platform is a huge opportunity for our company, and will establish us as a leader in the space. This is the first of many campaigns with Reddit aimed at driving revenue for Wondr.”

Reddit is a social networking platform that consists of more than 100K different communities. The organization reports over 52 million daily active users.

Wondr gaming is currently headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. As of 11:40 AM EST on July 2nd, shares of stock in the company are valued at $0.23.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and PR Newswire)

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