Columbus Blue Jackets Gaming Unveils Upcoming Esports Tournament Series

CBJ Gaming, which is the esports arm of the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, recently unveiled four upcoming esports tournaments that will go through August. It is being reported that this tournament series will run from June 30th to August 29th.

The series will feature participants from Canada and the United States competing in an EA Sports NHL21 tournament on PlayStation. Following a six-week regular season, the top 32 participating teams will qualify for the playoffs.

The event’s winning team is expected to receive a $2,000 prize. The second-place team will be rewarded with a $500 prize.

The Columbus Blue Jackets first introduced CBJ Gaming in April of 2020. To date, the team has given away over $21K in prizes to esports tournament participants.

(All information was provided by the NHL)

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  1. My boyfriend is a hockey player and because of it I also engaged in hockey and I am aware of some events related to this. But I think every person knows about Columbus Blue Jackets because it is a really famous and widespread hockey club with its own talented and popular hockey players. It is so cool that this league introduced such an esports arm like CBJ Gaming and that they presented 4 forthcoming esports tournaments. I don’t even know which team will have success in the competition and I think it is a really great first place prize to get 2000 dollars and also it is really cool to gain 500 dollars for the second place. I think that the winning team will turn out to be a really decent and powerful competitor which I’m looking forward to learning about.

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