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CAG’s Parth Das Plans On Investing $100M Into Online Gaming

Angel investor Parth Das recently announced plans to invest $100 million into the online gaming space both in and outside of India. The money will reportedly come from The Collective Ace Group, a company that focuses on servicing different parts of the video game industry.

“There’s no focus on the supply chain in the gaming industry, areas like game development, quality assurance, customer support, marketing, etc,” said Das. “Majority of the funds would be deployed in India, but not only in India. It will be a big focus as there is a lot of talent here and a proven track record of successful business to business ventures.”

It is being reported that Das is currently evaluating deals in India. It is expected that he will make an announcement about businesses and the Indian video game market in the next few months.

The Profit‘s Take:

I suspect a lot of this money will be used for mobile games because mobile is so big in India. What’s interesting is that India has 12% of the world’s gamers but only 1% of the revenue. This could be worrisome to venture funds looking to enter this market. Regardless, I feel that the player base is so large that, eventually, monetization of this market will catch up to the size of the user base. It just may take more time than originally expected.

(All information was provided by The Economic Times of India)

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