Fnatic Partners With Freeletics And Kaspersky, Unveils Esports Safeguarding Policies

Fnatic recently announced it was partnering with Freeletics. As a result, Fnatic’s CS:GO team will lead The Extra Mile Campaign, an initiative aimed at improving gamer performance through Freeletics training methods.

Days later, Fnatic unveiled a global partnership with the cybersecurity company Kaspersky. The two organizations will work together on multiple joint initiatives. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s brand and logos will appear on the jerseys of the Fnatic Rising League of Legends team.

Fnatic also recently released a set of “safeguarding policies” that are designed to help protect the gaming industry as it continues to grow. So far, the company has launched two policies: the Children and Young People Safeguarding Policy and the Adults at Risk Safeguarding Policy

”Safeguarding is hugely important for any organization that connects with or engages with children and young people on a regular basis,” said Andrew Cooke, the General Counsel at Fnatic. “But so far there has been limited progress made when it comes to recognizing and protecting the rights of young people and vulnerable adults in our industry.”

Fnatic said it will also be teaming up with consulting company Safeguarding Today. These organizations will work together to further develop these esports safeguarding policies.

(All information was provided by Tech-ish and Esports Insider [1,2])

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