Oraichain Agrees To Partnership With Imba Games Studio

On August 6th, Oraichain announced it had agreed to a strategic partnership with Imba Games Studio. This deal will see Imba Games Studio enter the crypto gaming space while helping Oraichain expand its blockchain esports ecosystem.

The organizations will work together to produce a new game called Kawaii Islands. An exclusive NFT marketplace will be developed for Kawaii Islands game assets which will launch this month.

“Oraichain’s advancements in on-chain AI and blockchain have created a perfect environment for GameFi. The potential is unbounded,” said Oraichain CEO, Dr. Chung Dao.

Imba Games Studio is one of the leading video game developers in the world. The organization reports having over 14 million customers.

(All information was provided by Orai and PR Newswire)

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