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100 Thieves Unveils Collaboration With Gucci

100 Thieves recently announced it agreed to a partnership deal with the luxury brand Gucci. As a result, the two organizations worked together to launch a marquee clothing collaboration, which hit shelves on July 19th.

“Drawing on the shared values of freedom and self-expression, the House unveils its latest foray into the world of esports through a collaboration with 100 Thieves—a Los Angeles-based brand of apparel, lifestyle, and gaming,” it says on the Gucci website. “Register now to access the 100 Thieves x Gucci item, dropping exclusively for those with a MY GUCCI account on July 19th.”

Many fashion brands have recently partnered with esports organizations. FaZe Clan collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami while G2 Esports began a partnership with Ralph Lauren.

The Profit‘s Take:

It was interesting reading this article because the piece called 100 Thieves a company “focused on the luxury side of esports”, which is news to me, but it might have just been some creative liberties taken by the author. Regardless, this is an obvious win-win for both companies. Gucci enters the esports space while 100 Thieves is talked about as a luxury brand. I worry 100 Thieves is underestimating how hard it is to create a long-lasting, highly successful luxury brand in today’s market. It’s a clear short-term win for both brands here (even though the backpack is ugly and overly simple). I just have concerns about 100 Thieves maintaining long-term success in the luxury space.

(All information was provided by ESTNN, Gucci, Esports Insider [1,2])

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